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Will The Paper Red Packet Be Replaced By An Electronic Red Envelope?

Feb 14, 2017

February 14, 2017, with the arrival of Valentine's Day, WeChat also quietly increased the amount of one-on-one red envelope, the Tencent technology test, one-on-one red envelope has been raised to a maximum of 520 yuan. With the continuous development of electricity providers, online shopping is also more and more simple, more and more people began to like to send electronic red envelopes on the Internet.

The first bank to send the "electronic red envelopes" business, this red envelope do not meet each other, and no need to win the consent of each other, the giver can be up to 5,000 yuan red packets sent to each other's accounts, and no physical Let people see, basically do the "God knows, know, you know, I know, others who do not know."

"Electronic red envelopes" is sent through the network third-party platform. Alipay on the home page, specifically set the "gift gift" function, the user simply enter the recipient's account and the amount of red envelopes, after the submission of payment password can be completed immediately send red envelopes. "Electronic red envelope" also supports a variety of red envelopes style. Users can not only upload personalized pictures of blessing, but also can write with the personal characteristics of the blessing language, compared to the traditional "red paper bag + cash" model, "electronic red envelopes" more lively and more rich times.

On the other side, users who receive red envelopes can spend their money on Taobao and other network platforms to buy their favorite gifts and merchandise. In this regard, many people like online shopping have said that almost anything can be bought online, so "electronic red envelopes," the practicality is also growing stronger. It is understood that, without regional restrictions has become a "electronic red envelopes," a major advantage. In addition, some young people around the age of seventeen or eight, because they do not have their own bank accounts, usually online shopping can only be paid by family or offline outlets, etc., very convenient. In contrast, the "electronic red envelope" can be used directly as a network of consumption, for the love of online shopping this group provides a great convenience. According to the latest data show that during the Spring Festival in 2010, every day, "electronic red envelopes," the delivery volume has reached 15,000 pen or so, doubled over the same period in 2009, as the young people during the Spring Festival holiday new fashion.

Although the electronic red envelopes are convenient, but there are a lot of people think that the New Year to others send micro letter red envelopes, lack of face to face communication, no sense of presence, intimacy, no flavor. In the process of sending paper red envelopes, always say a few warm heart of the New Year blessing language, which is not the effect of WeChat red envelope. Therefore, the WeChat red envelopes and paper red envelopes feel different, cultural significance is not the same, paper red envelopes and will not be easily replaced by electronic red envelopes.

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