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The origins of red packets

Dec 09, 2016

The Year of the Rooster will come soon, In my memory,the Spring Festival is always happy, in addition to a variety of delicacy and full blessing, another big harvest is that you can receive a variety of red packets, but do you know what is the origin of red packets?

red envelopes

The origin of red envelopes

The traditional sense of red envelopes, also known as lucky money, is the Lunar New Year when the elders to children wrapped in red paper money. According to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the New Year money most of the string with a red string to give children. After the Republic of China, then evolved into wrapped in red paper. Now refers to the package of red paper bag; for the festive gift gifts. Is to express their blessing and good luck to them. During the Spring Festival every year there are red packets of the customs, in some areas are married to relatives and friends to unmarried. The habit of red envelopes generally only exist in the relatively close relatives and friends.

The legend of red envelopes

In ancient times, in the New Year's Eve night, a "demon" little demon out to touch the sleeping hands of the child's head, the children are often scared to cry, and then headache fever, into a fool. Therefore, every family is sitting in this day light does not sleep, called "Shou-chung." There is a husband and wife of the old child abnormal baby, they are afraid of "evil" to harm the child, took out eight coins with children to play. The children play tired and fell asleep, they put eight coins wrapped in red paper on the child's pillow below. "Chong" middle of the night struck by red paper wrapped in eight coins scare back, things spread, after we learn to do, the child on the peace without incident.

History of red envelopes

The earliest New Year money appeared in the Han Dynasty. The earliest lucky money, also known as bother winning money, or called big pressure wins money, this money is not the currency in circulation, is to wear and enjoy the coins cast into the shape of the evil goods.

Red pockets

The Tang Dynasty, the court in the spring of the wind money.

After the Song and Yuan Dynasties, the Spring Festival of money on the customs of the evolution of the money to the child the custom of New Year's money.

Qing Fu Chadun Chong "Yan Jing Shiji" is the record New Year's money: "to wear rope money, compiled dragon-shaped, placed in the foot of the bed, that the New Year's money, also known as New Year's money. Ming and Qing Dynasties, the New Year money most of the string with a red string to give children.

After the Republic of China, it evolved into a red paper with one hundred text of copper, its meaning as "longevity", to have adult juniors New Year's money, red paper bag is an ocean, a symbol of "lucrative", " One million profit. " Money to bank notes, the parents prefer to use the number associated with the new banknotes given to the children, because the "joint" and "even" homophonic, herald the offspring of "successively", "again and again.

Now the elders to senior distribution New Year's money is still prevalent custom, the amount of New Year's money from tens to hundreds of dollars, the New Year's money and more children are used to buy books and school supplies, new fashion for New Year's money gives new content. Spring Festival red envelope of customs has a long history, it represents a elders of the younger generation of good wishes, it is the elders to give the child's amulet, bless the child in the new year health auspicious.

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