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The Legend of Red Envelopes

Oct 31, 2017

The red envelopes to send "red packets" is a Chinese New Year customs, Chinese favorite red, because red symbolizes vitality, happiness and good luck.

The red packets distributed to minors younger people (according to the Chinese concept of a married person if the adult), is said to bring good luck and I wish them. In red envelopes of money, just to make the children happy, and its main significance is in red paper, because it symbolizes good luck. Therefore, the distribution of Chinese Lucky Money Envelopes open the red envelopes in front of their elders, the practice is impolite.

New Year Spring Festival, to advance their elders prepared Yasui Qian points to the younger people, is said to be Yasui Qian evil Chongming, because "age" and "Chongming" homonym, younger people can safely be Yasui Qian spent a year old. There are two Yasui Qian, a series of Caisheng threads for dragon, placed Chuangjiao, this record is seen at the "Ching-year-old in mind when" the other is the most common, that is, from parents with red paper-wrapped To the children's money. Yasui Qian in the New Year after the younger people in public Shangji, also on New Year's Eve when the children fell asleep, to steal from parents on the Discovery children under the pillow.
Fu Word CNY Red Envelopes

That the civil Yasui Qian to children, or when Egui devil "," harm to the child, the child can use the money bribes and of their fierce for Kyrgyzstan. Wu Qing Dynasty Man-yun, "Yasui Qian," the poem says: "Baishi money to wear color-long, points to another pillow since the collection, to discuss firecrackers on xiao price, Tim Johnson infants in the busy night." So, for many Yasui Qian led by the Department of the Childlike Innocence, and the child's Yasui Qian mainly used to buy firecrackers, toys and candy, and other necessary things festive.

Now their elders for the younger people Yasui Qian sent to the custom still prevalent, Yasui Jian amount ranging from dozens to hundreds, Yasui Qian many of these children were used to buy books and school supplies, the new fashion for Yasui Qian has added new content .

There is a wide spread of the story. Legends, in ancient times there is a white boss who Xiao Yao, the name is "Chongming", a year out of harm's Eve night, sleeping with their hands in the head touched three children, the children did cry, then Fever, said Yi language and from this disease, after a few days of heat to retreat, but the smart kids are smart dementia has become the madness of fools. Chongming people afraid to harm children, sitting on the lit lights do not sleep Mission, known as "Shou Chongming."
Chinese Lunar New Year Red Envelope

Jiaxing in the House have a surname of the people, a husband and wife both aged son, as Zhangshangmingzhu. By night's Eve, they fear Chongming to harm children, forcing the children to play. Children with red Zhibao the eight coins, open packages, the package also on the opening, has been playing Shuixia, wrapped in the eight coins into pillows on the edge. Both husband and wife did not dare He Yan, Shou Chongming night next to their children. The middle of the night, the wind a while giant opened the door, Chuimie the lights, and use it to dwarf the villain of the Baishou touch the child's head, the child's Zhenbian to crack into a light, Chongming hurried retractable hand screaming The escape. The use of the couple's eight-Zhibao the coins intimidated Chongming told everyone. We all have to learn the year's-end dinner with red Zhibao, after eight coins to the children on Zhenbian, after Chongming never really dared not to harm the children.

To the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Yasui Qian is the most used Hongsheng give children a string. In the future, then evolved into red Zhibao, 100 Tongyuan, justice for the "longevity", the younger people to have adult Yasui Qian,Chinese New Year Red Envelopes, the package is an ocean, a symbol of "rich resources", "Yibenwanli.

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