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The Emergence of Chinese Network Red Envelope

May 20, 2017

On the eve of the Spring Festival, pay treasure wallet, microblogging, street, mobile QQ, Baidu wallet have opened the red envelope activities, games have also increased the Internet platform subsidies, corporate or celebrity cash red envelopes, and corporate vouchers. In this mixed with the business atmosphere of the red envelope war, human and commercial flavor of the contradiction how to ease? Remember last year's Spring Festival, WeChat red envelopes turned out, friends meet will ask you, you grab it. Relevant data show that 2014 New Year's Eve participation in the total number of red envelopes reached 4.82 million people, the highest peak every month there are 25,000 red envelopes were opened. It can be said, WeChat red envelopes in addition to the traditional flavor added a trace of fresh, the Internet taste ', but also cultivate a lot of Internet users to become a WeChat to pay the potential users. So applauded a good idea, this year attracted many imitators and competitors, not surprising.

Network red envelopes of course bring a lot of benefits. One is fun fun, the map is a lively. Each red bag even if only a few dollars a few dollars, but also to enjoy the feeling of a local tiger money. Second, easy to use, do not exchange new notes zero bills, separated by thousands of miles is no longer hindered the New Year red envelopes. This year's red envelope war more, cash red envelopes, as well as coupons, coupons, etc., Alipay and other Internet companies to enter, but also to provide users with more choices. For example, pay treasure wallet recently announced that from the small to the first month will be issued to the user about 600 million red envelope. A big wave of red envelopes struck, small partners have begun to gear up. However, the network red envelope war upgrade, it may bring some trouble. Wherever the Internet is going, it will often collapse the old rules and establish new rules, which will inevitably lead to some confusion, adding convenience to some people, and possibly misusing some groups. Such as double eleven shopping section, so many consumers pick up the cheap, but also breed a false price, do not fulfill the commitment to return and other undesirable phenomena. 

The Internet has changed our lives, but it can not be left to its brutal growth. Network red envelopes war is the same reason, behind the lively appearance, there are some gray space need to face up. First of all, with the red envelopes in various forms, to participate in business variety, true and false difficult to identify the network red envelopes are also some trouble. Worried about the red envelopes to become a tool for enterprise marketing, unscrupulous brush in the circle of friends, and its degree of pollution 'as if with commercial advertising, all kinds of purchasing line. Some businesses also name the red envelope under the banner, set the ID card number, bank cards and other personal information. In order to receive a few dollars in the district, red envelopes', registered users, binding bank cards and other procedures are extremely cumbersome. Collar red pack trouble does not say whether there is a security risk have to make a question mark. 

In the face of the red envelope of the status quo, consumers are likely to, from ecstatic, turned to nothing, regardless of the platform operators or the relevant government departments, can not let the possible violations. Second, the enterprises in order to red envelopes each other blocked, but also directly hurt the user rights. With the WeChat and Alipay's red envelope war has been escalating, mutual shielding has not only red envelopes products, some music class, social class APP also lying in the gun. This scene, how many people think of the previous, 3Q war '. Internet companies fight your life and death, frequently kidnapping a large number of users to do, that is the choice of which is really contrary to the open sharing of the Internet spirit. Members of the Internet big gangs compete for mobile payment market, the macro level should rely on mutual support to do big cake, micro level should also rely on the characteristics of business to cake, and should not set a heavy level, sacrifice the interests of users. Again, directional red envelopes can produce corruption. The intention of the red envelope is a blessing, focusing on good intentions, but not more money less money. Network red envelopes also do not go too far, and forget this starting point. Major businessmen do not do publicity through the network red envelopes, but also in the customs and commercial marketing to find a balance point. If the network red envelopes are all commercial flavor is not humane, so lively after a while, such a Spring Festival red envelope is also memorable.

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