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Do you want to see all kinds of luxury brand of chicken red envelopes look like?

May 08, 2017

Elders are like red, sunny traditional red envelopes, and young people prefer to use a creative sense of creative red envelopes, in recent years, all luxury brands have launched their own red envelopes, in addition to a special design, there are a variety of high-level texture Of the paper and a special process, together to see all kinds of luxury brand of chicken red envelopes look like?


Ferragamo this year's red envelope design was more traditional, but the big red is also the representative of the brand color, red, gold with a very flavor. Loaded with a small package with a small red box texture is very good, golden cock will be more consider the elders of the favor. The front of the red envelope is the three brands logo and Happy New Year, the back of the simple brand name, the whole is very Ferragamo style.

Senior suitcase RIMOWA red envelope, is also the classic suitcase design, positive Obscure and brand logo looks like a two-dimensional (shoot flat) suitcase. The back of the opening is not like the traditional red envelopes are vertical, but more like an envelope, horizontal openings, the logo on the middle, but also like letters letters of the paint.

Tiffany's red envelope accurately should be called "blue envelope", the paper is very texture, feels quite high fashion style, and looked particularly fresh. Because it is more subversive it, Tiffany blue with dark gold is very low-key luxury.

I personally like Delvaux bag, his home this red envelope color is relatively bright red, looks very young, and the material is bright, much like the texture of the patent leather bag. Positive logo with a low-key embossed, the edge of the pattern of leather car lines, which is in line with the tone of the brand, the back of the seal design is also referred to the classic handbags, with a horseshoe-shaped buckle, the overall look is low and very advanced.

LOUIS VUITTON red envelope box is very "simple and rude", and the general product packaging is like, the red hard box on the hot gold logo. But open the inside of the red envelope is still very cute, golden and embossed little cock like monogram of the same pattern of lined up, very New Year's atmosphere. Favorite or the design of the back of the seal, looks very metal texture, shape like this year's explosive Petite Malle's buckle the same.

FENDI this year's red envelope is really very luxurious, just look at the red envelopes of the golden small box, all feel that a bag ah (but also paper) inside the box is also hate gorgeous, feeling very material look, the main colors are not used in traditional red , But chose the golden and silver (very rich). Red envelope on the logo is Obscure, the golden red envelope has a slightly larger blue hook flowers, silver red envelope is slightly smaller pink hook flowers, very cute, Meng Meng is the feeling of spring.

JO MALONE red envelope surface matte, paper thick, embossed logo design is very low-key, and the most critical is also comes with fragrance. Fragrant red envelopes, open inside quite cute, there is a very fine big cock and love, be relatively low-key and luxurious design.

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