The secrets of save money when send a red envelope
  • 24 Feb 2017

Spring Festival receives red envelopes and red envelopes is a traditional Chinese customs, is to promote the intimate relationship between people is an indispensable link. For the Spring Festival, presumably a lot of people will think about how to save more money in this festivals, let redpacketsfactory.com teach you how to save more money in send the red envelope.

Try to avoid the kind of red envelopes of the occasion.

If you think you go to relatives and friends, must be red envelopes and the like, then the easiest way is simply do not go or try to avoid going. Sometimes, things are always pros and cons, have to make a choice, perhaps you really do not how much money, then simply to escape the occasion to make your passive money.

Mentality adjustment, would rather paste the label for their own stingy.

Made a lot of red envelopes can not afford, then send a little red envelope it. Adjust their minds, even if they are labeled "stingy" label is also at the expense. Made a little red envelope, meaning meaning, in fact, better than complete escape.

Not red envelopes, to change the kind of payment.

For the red envelope and the like, probably has formed a cliche, a red envelope less tens of dollars, a few hundred dollars medium, more than a thousand dollars. If unconventional, in fact, you can choose to gift to the gift of the way. Gifts as long as well prepared, can represent your mind, the other like, that the price does not matter, or then put inside a relatively small amount of red envelopes, it can. Jia Feng Reid that, according to their own financial situation to make a rational choice is more important, swollen face filled with fat, and ultimately uncomfortable.

Send the network "red envelope" to save money.

Previously also mentioned that the red envelope has become a kind of no small "stereotypes", and even some have the amount of "starting price" said. Then young man, maybe you can change it into another way to send a red envelope. At present, WeChat, Alipay have red envelope function, to encourage the use of each other, and can be opened to receive. Network red envelopes relative to the paper red envelopes, the form of sticky will be much less, and playability is also much larger, such as fighting red envelopes. Made these red envelopes, you can replace the "starting price" for each person the cost of red envelopes, so to say, "I am not stingy, you take the red bag depends on luck."

Partnership to buy a gift.

For happy things, including red envelopes, etc., you can also have a move, that is, everyone buy a gift, red package package. This method is actually very effective, gifts together to buy, you can buy more expensive or relatively large practical, to accept the gift of the party, easy to get a surprise. However, for individuals, the partnership gift is also decent, and spend more than individuals alone to buy gifts, red package to be much more affordable.

For many companies, it will always send a red envelope to the staff at the start of the new year, which will not only encourage employees to serve the company more in the new year, but also have a good mood when your company opened. This amount is absolutely indispensable, but the company can consider bulk custom red envelopes to reduce the budget for buying red envelopes. Customized EnterpriseRed Envelope at Darshan Color World Industry (Hong Kong) Limited, Not only affordable, but also in accordance with the wishes of enterprises to customize different styles of red envelopes, printing companies can be a unique LOGO, enhance corporate image. Contact us for more information and get free samples.

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