The introduction of 2017 new personality red envelopes
  • 20 Feb 2017

Red envelopes, also known as Laisee, is a very traditional style of a festive auspicious things. As a living in the era of science and technology information, we use high-tech red envelopes inside a certain amount of RMB for friends and family sent a blessing. But now there are some very unique design of the red envelope, but also to meet the pursuit of young people now and the needs of the United States. Today to be here to recommend a new production of individual 2017 new personality red envelopes.

This distinctive red envelope was made by 130 grams of imported matte paper, with a variety of complex process coupled with beautiful colors, carved hand engraved template, so that each product are hot and smooth out the bright process effect. In the red side of the front side to join the retro elements, such as tambourine, plum, folding fan, seal and so very Chinese elements of the atmosphere, with the traditional things to elaborate festive reasons, very unique. Red bag color is very beautiful, classic dyeing technology, feel first class, bring out a strong festive atmosphere.

The theme of the 2017 new personality red envelopes is the use of the current tide language custom, the whole package has a variety of personalized tidal tone to choose from, replacing the traditional red envelopes only hi word and blessing of a single situation. No matter which personality tide language, all sustenance of the receipt of the red envelopes of the good wishes of their loved ones. To customize this red bag, please click on the link(http://www.redpacketsfactory.com/2017-new-personality-red-envelopes_p112.html) for more details.

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