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  • 14 Dec 2016
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In the market, red envelopes are usually printed with coated paper. coated paper is also called double powder paper, paper thickness is generally 128 grams to 157 grams of paper, there are many high-grade red envelope is printed with other paper, such as pearl paper and textured paper red packet.

Embossed paper, is a specialized production of a cover decorative paper, generally used to print monochrome cover. Paper surface is not a very obvious concave pattern, it is called "embossed." Color, gray, green, beige and pink and other colors, generally used to print monochrome cover. Embossed paper kneeling, feel a bit like a thin paper, binding spine easily broken. Printing paper bending (elastic) larger paper into the difficulties, affecting the printing efficiency. The development of red envelope is divided into five stages.

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The first generation of Lee is the main color to the letter, the main printed above, "the birthday of the public", "full house Kyrgyzstan," "Lei Yue Longmen" and "promoted wealth" and other very strong folk color patterns, Painting such pictures for manufacturers to make red envelope design purposes.

The second generation is the eighties, bronzing prevalence, there is no color pictures, pure gold foil decorated with red envelopes are beginning to appear, then the design is simple and direct "blessing", "Kung Hei Fat Choi" and other auspicious words on the cover, But also to "family name" plus Chinese design for embellishment, the design is simple, but the most classic.

Red envelope design
The third generation is the 90's, the popular graphics plus red gold foil pattern, but also because the process more than the first two, so the price is also more expensive. The fourth generation is in 2000, the market also appeared in a number of cartoon characters, colorful, three-dimensional, irregular shape, even with the Octopus card sets of red envelopes, its patterns and styles, more diversified trend, such as the Large shopping sites appear electronic red envelopes.

The fifth generation of canvas red envelopes, using the canvas as the material of the red envelope, the process has been improved in the form of more creative in the limited red envelope to play a variety of creative space, such as birthday type: Five, comrades hard, these have fun and interesting language of the language gradually popular.
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