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A red envelope with a collection of value-Lai See

Dec 01, 2016

New Year "Send lai see", is China's traditional customs, in Hong Kong and Taiwan more popular. "Lai see" also known as "benefit", whichever is lucky, the elderly are generally referred to as "red paper", that is, New Year's money, and Lai see the seal is installed bag. Unique design, printing is a beautiful seal is now everywhere you can buy, but in earlier times, we have seen it as a baby, not only not willing to throw away, but also from generation to generation. The author of the house to hide some of the profits are sealed, they both Republic of, but also modern.

"Lai see " also written "benefit". "lai see" as early as the "Book of Changes" will be recorded, meaning less profit, or good luck. According to "Yi Miscellaneous note" records: "business and profits, business affairs", the businessman sent money called "Lee City", whichever is conducive to doing anything mean.
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Lai see the first seal in the Tang Dynasty, but was made by hand bag, and limited to the court and the official use. About in the Qing Dynasty, Lai see to develop into a red paper seal letters, and spread in the folk.

The seal of the Qing dynasty was a yellow ink printed on red paper, and then painted with gold ink when the ink was dry, and it looked like a gold letter printed on red paper. Qing Dynasty is the word Geely sealed off, some also accompanied by a simple pattern. The early thirties of last century color printing is the first launch of the first seal, printed above the sailboat, lucky life auspicious New Year paintings. In the period of the Republic of China is not more than gold foil, the pattern is more traditional themes, such as the birthday, deer, pine, Xiantao, Ji language is commonly used to congratulate the New Year, congratulate the rich. Republic of Lai see a paper seal, printing are relatively rough, and the world is less, collection is also more difficult.

Bronzing fonts Lai see the seal appeared in the sixties of last century, Hong Kong, bronzing "family name is Lee" in the last century, 70 years is quite popular.
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After the reform and opening up, mainland China also began to appear is Lai see the closure, its development so far, has formed two north-south style: the North is the common Lai see the word "blessing" theme for the most, with a brief text; Seal is printed above the New Year pictures, text to "wealth" the word up.

Lai see a closed collection threshold is low, fun, so many modern Lai see also a collection of possession. In 2004, Shanghai Spark Fans Salon to celebrate the opening of the Asian Spark Collection Expo, specially made "ancient Chinese mythology" is a set of six letters, the screen is "day officials blessing", "Tiannvsanhua", "Nezha Xi Dragon "and so the performance of traditional Chinese culture. The arbitrage is printed on the back of the six sparks in the old Shanghai pattern, they are Shanghai Huaxing Match Board, China Match Company, Shanghai Daming Match Company and other manufacturers printing "beauty", "Star", " Samsung "and other patterns, very Shanghai local characteristics and national style, and Lai see the closure and the" spark "marriage, complement each other, fun.
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