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2019 red envelope new design

Sep 08, 2018

The traditional customs of China are "pai li shi" in the New Year, and "li shi", also known as "Red Packet". It is good for luck and good fortune. The average old man calls it "red paper." According to legend, the custom of "pai li shi" has long been popular, but at that time people used to be a bright red paper with auspicious auspiciousness, wrapped in a note with a blessing, and sent to friends and relatives to express their wishes. Later, people switched to one. A red paper with a shape similar to a square, wrapped in copper coins, and sealed for profit.

The red envelope "LI SHI " first appeared in the last year of Guangxu, and the printing technology was just released. Sprinkle ink on the red paper, indicating that it is Geely, wishing you all the best.

With the increase of various processes, more and more red envelope styles are popular in the market. The designer's ingenuity makes a simple piece of paper that makes people feel the beauty of paper art.

The season of purchasing red envelopes in 2019 has arrived. What creative red envelopes does DARLEE have?

1.碟戏花(Hundred Flowers Spring)

2.The designer used the ancient costume in the red envelope shape, which is a breakthrough in structure and a heritage of traditional costume culture.

3. The breakthrough in the process may make people more visible.

The art of paper has a profound accumulation in Chinese culture. It is the most profound meaning of the red envelope to send the best and most wishful blessings to the most important people.

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