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How to customize the Enterprises Lai See

Mar 29, 2017

Company units to distribute "Lai See", can increase the sense of belonging to the company employees, closer to the distance between the customer and the company, while widely disseminated among consumers, the most important thing is that consumers are very willing to accept. At this time if the company has its own exclusive "Custom Enterprises Lai See", corporate brand will be with the increase in profit and get the more spread. Therefore, the enterprise "Custom Lai See" that is during the New Year "corporate image of the second face" is not an exaggeration. More businessmen, in the customization is sealed into the enterprise promotional materials, such as movie premiere put movie tickets, supermarket companies put coupons as a means of publicity.

When the company intends to customize the enterprise Logo is the benefit of the closure, how to choose the paper to become the first consideration. With the development of science and technology, paper thickness, texture, more and more types. Lee is how to choose the appropriate material? In general, the requirements of the weight between 105g-157g copper paper between the most appropriate, as well as pearl paper and a variety of specialty paper; pulp paper, environmental protection, good toughness, color uniformity, Shenzhen Darlee Gift Package Company Limited can meet the above requirements.

In addition to the benefits of the material to be selected, the process is also very important on the one hand. Customization is particularly important in terms of closure, pattern and fineness. In addition to conventional printing, the custom and the closure of the processing company in www.colorgreeting.com can provide bronzing, embossed, hit convex, scrub, relief, oil, flocking, scattered gold powder. Fineness, the use of spot color technology products is better, the color is bright and beautiful people put it down.

If you have your own design, we will do our best to help you complete the production of the lot. If you have not figured out how you can design, you can contact us and our staff will provide you with the most comprehensive service.

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