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Darlee Company organizes one day trips to the beach

Nov 05, 2016

To enrich the staff life, broaden their horizons, increase the sense of belonging and improve the team cohesion, Dada all employees in August 20, 2016 organized all employees and their families to Shenzhen Dameisha trip, so that employees enjoy the beautiful coast of Shenzhen Scenery.
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In the afternoon, in the south coast of Dameisha Beach, blowing slowly the sea breeze, stepping on the soft white sand, exposure to the sun through the coconut trees formed in the light and shadows, the beautiful bunting in the sea breeze flying. Although the hot weather, but did not affect everyone's mood, we swim or play in the sea, adults and children are playing very fun. We thank the company for the staff's love, said to be more full of enthusiasm, a better state into the work, the better to complete the company's goals.
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After swimming, everyone on the beach to enjoy the delicious barbecue, usually busy at work no time to chat with colleagues at this time have come together to laugh, leadership and staff interspersed with you, everyone happily exchange, enhance mutual Understanding and understanding, closer to each other's distance, strengthen the team spirit of cooperation. We help each other, placed tables and chairs, kill sheep, tick meat, chop block, wear a sign, barbecue, meticulous division of labor, with the tacit understanding, enjoyable coastal beauty and homemade food.

This activity created a chance and space for employees to relieve stress, not only to enhance the feelings, enhance the cohesion of the team, but also inspired everyone to work the fighting spirit and enthusiasm, the energy to better into the future work , For the growth of individuals and the development of enterprises into a new source of strength.

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