What's the meaning of numbers in red envelopes money
  • 26 May 2017

What does the meaning of the red envelopes money? Red envelopes have become one of the important ways to send blessings and express your feelings. Different red envelopes have different meanings. Today, take a look at the meaning of the red envelopes money.

1.6816.8168——All the way to make a fortune

1.7817.8178——Make a fortune together

1.8818.8188——Have been making a fortune


0.888.88.8888.888.88——Make a fortune

0.999.99.9999.999.99——The friendship between you and your friends is everlasting

20.9921.8829.9829.9920.09——The friendship between the two people is everlasting

1001——Thousands of miles to pick one

13.14——Love you, for the rest of my life

5.20520——I Love you.

2.5825.8258——Love me, please.

3.6036036.0——I miss you .

25.132513 ——Love me for life

20.132013 ——Love you for life

7.7577.5  775  ——Kiss me

8.8588.5885  ——Hug me

52.405240 ——I love you so much

5.3053.0530 ——I miss you so much

19.201920 ——I love you forever.

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