Wedding red envelope etiquette
  • 23 Jan 2017
Accepting red envelopes of cash at weddings is a traditional Chinese custom,wedding red envelopes is an integral part of the wedding, whether it is to send a wedding red envelope or a red packets should pay attention to a certain way; we are mainly for new wedding red envelope when some of the answers to questions; for the new terms, the signing of the gift is the wedding On the sensitive part of the romantic days do not want to appear embarrassed because of money or not happy, careful and thoughtful is a good way to deal with properly!
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Q: Cash gifts or gifts, the need to pay attention to what the details of the courtesy? A: whether it is new helper or new oneself, in the cash gifts, gifts, there are some small details about the courtesy to note.

First, in front of the guests, the red envelopes in his hand, do not inadvertently squeeze the thickness of red packets, such acts and face to face inventory of ritual as rude;

Second, the amount found on the check is surprisingly small, do not reveal the color of surprise, if you really suspect that the guests fill in the wrong, you can use the signature verification or recognition of writing and other reasons to allow guests to confirm the check again.

Third, when the guests to send the gift size is not appropriate, the spot can not wear, if the new only that does not fit on the side, it is very impolite. Encounter this situation, the newcomer can be humorous tone, said: "This gift, both sides will be more enjoyable." "I would like to take this as a family heir, when my future daughter married to her.

Q: If the guests are sent to the expensive jewelry, the general will choose to wear directly on the new, so jewelry is not a gift on the record, accounted for?

A: Because many guests like to put gold, jewelry, etc. directly for the new people to wear, so jewelry income is very easy to confusion. And sometimes accidentally lost one or two, new people are completely unaware, wasted some of the guests mind. Therefore, the new gift in the process, there should be a person in the side of the guests name, variety and number of gifts a clear record, to facilitate post-inventory. Of course, the best record of the people do not go to the guests in front of the record, it is also very polite. This person is best to stand behind the guests so that neither compelling, but also a clear place to see new people.

Q: Guests send cash, often on the wedding gifts red pockets, the collection should be cleared when not? If not timely inventory, will not cause confusion in the accounts?

A: It is impolite to count the cash in front of the guests, but not counting, will result in the final account confusion. The best way is, by a person responsible for the receipt of gifts, when received in the red envelope superscript the name of the guests, and then transferred to another person into the lounge for inventory, recorded. Mark red packets should be signed in the guest book, and after entering the venue, and then in accordance with the signature accurate marking, in front of the guests marked red envelopes, there are some wrong.

Q: If the guest is a cash check in the form of gifts, checks and cash should not be put together? Received checks do not have to check at that time?

A: Checks are small. If they are mixed in cash, they are easily lost. Therefore, prepare a check book, which is specially designed to store checks, and store the checks in cash separately.

Different types of checks, it is best to do what distinction, so that new people in the post-processing, will be more convenient. Received checks, check the personnel can take a rough look on behalf of the new person or signature details such as the rise, and checks can be honored, or leave the newcomer to the bank after the deal more appropriate.
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