The Six Reasons That Why I Love Dogs
  • 28 Apr 2017

1, I like it sitting in front of me every day,waiting for me to get off work。

----- I am surprised that it can tell my footsteps.

2, I like it when I typed in front of the computer, lying on my feet.

----- It knows when it should not disturb me, when I can accompany it to play.

3, I like it when I walk on the road, it is an inch away from me.

----- Human greed and desire in front of it was so small. No more bitter days, it will not leave me.

4, I like it when I was in a bad mood, with his head rubbing my legs.

----- It tells me in a unique language, and I have it around.

5, I like it was innocent when the innocent expression.

- No matter how good the human actor is ,he can not perform such a real emotion. It will never lie.

6, I like it, because it can happily to eat the bread that with no taste .

- And the humans pot is filled with fresh seafood.

So I like many things about dog, such as the red envelopes with dog pictures .

China has a tradition of printing animals on Chinese new year red envelopes. Mom and Dad know that I like dogs, when I was a child, every new year, I will receive a variety of fine printed dog pictures of red envelopes. Our company is a red envelope manufacturer, and now my company has designed a lot of dog years of the dog years red envelope. Welcome customization.

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