The ornaments in Chinese New Year
  • 29 Dec 2016
Fan shaped Chinese spring festival decorations

The Spring Festival couplets commonly known as "spring paste", "couplets", "pairs", ya called "couplets." Chinese traditional folk culture. Festive red couplet is a couplet, posted in the Spring Festival, named Spring Festival couplet. One of the sources of couplets couplets. At first people used to avoid evil, like the door carved wooden door carved adult peach-like shape in the door, and then simplified
into the name of the door in the peach wood inscribed board. Another source of the couplets is the spring paste, the ancients in the beginning of spring and more "Yichun" word, after the progressive development of the couplets, the Chinese working people to express a kind of evil spirits disaster relief, Ying Xiangnafu good wishes. Spring Festival couplets, it is neat, dual, simple, sophisticated text depicting the background of the times, to express the beautiful desire, is China's unique literary form.

Window grilles and "blessing" word

People also like to paste in the window on a variety of paper cutting - window grilles. Grill not only contrast the festive atmosphere, but also set decorative, appreciation and practicality in one. Window grille with its unique generalization and exaggerated approach will be auspicious thing, good intentions show incisively and vividly, the festival decorate was prosperous.

Spring Festival "blessing" word, is a long-standing folk customs. "Fu" refers to the blessing, Fu Yun, sustenance of people's longing for a happy life, a better future wishes. In order to more fully reflect this longing and wishes, some people simply "blessing" the word inverted paste, said "happiness has to", "blessing has to." There will be "blessing" fine fine characters made of a variety of patterns, the pattern of a birthday, peach, carp jump Longmen, bumper harvest, Longfeng and so on.

Post New Year pictures

Post New Year pictures

New Year painting is a kind of Chinese painting, began in the ancient "door gods painting", one of China's folk art, is also one of the common folk arts and crafts. Qing dynasty, officially known as New Year paintings, is a unique style of painting in China, but also Chinese rural people loved the art form. Mostly for the New Year posting, decorative environment, with blessings New Year auspicious festive meaning, hence the name. Heavy black color of the New Year paintings to millions of households added a lot of prosperity and joy of the festive atmosphere. New Year paintings is an ancient Chinese folk art, reflecting the people's simple customs and beliefs, pinning their hope for the future. To meet people's fond hope for good wishes.

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