Red Packet Culture - the Special Tradition of China
  • 25 Nov 2016
Send red envelopes and receive red envelopes are the traditional customs of the Chinese people for a long time. Red packet culture was originally from the Chinese people a kind of normal interpersonal relationships, reflecting the friendly harmony of harmony, red envelopes, or or for hundreds of years was the meaning. But the red envelope is more common sense, one is to give a care for the younger generation, lucky money, birthday wishes are safe and auspicious meaning; Second, the wedding festive greeting ceremonies, as well as relatives and friends will meet, another is sent from the bottom of my heart of gratitude.  And reward the hard work of others, to Xi Niang, monks and nuns, monks and nuns, bearers, trumpeter, driver and so on the red envelope, generally known as the "flower", today called "tip. It should be said that the red envelope culture in addition to reflect the Chinese people pay attention to reciprocity, there are benefits do not forget to give, there are not ungrateful attitude. For how to deal with the problem of New Year's money, some people think that should not be simply "confiscation", and come up with a lot of treatment, such as deposit to the bank for the book or the opportunity to educate children and so on.

Chinese red envelopes, also known as "yasuìqián" and Laisee is sealed to celebrate the Lunar New Year, weddings and other special occasions. To ensure that a couple can successfully host a wedding and wish them a long and happy life together, these Chinese red envelopes are made up of newlyweds to their families, friends and wedding attendees. According to ancient customs, the more money in the envelope, the couple's economic and marital life the better, more favorable.red envelopes

This practice continues today, although the origin is centuries old. As an ancient and present practice, Lunar New Year envelopes are usually filled with money by grandparents, relatives and parents, and sometimes even close friends and neighbors, giving the recipient another safe and fulfilling year for the younger generation. In some cases, employees will receive red envelopes with year-end bonuses as an extra token of gratitude and blessing.

Why is the red envelope is red? Because in China, red is a "lucky" color. And never give the amount of 4, because in China, "four" and the Chinese in the death is homonym, which is equal to death. The even amount in the red envelope is better than the odd number. Also known as Ang Pao in Min Nan, Sae Bae Don in Korean, Lai See in Cantonese, Lì Xì in Vietnamese and hóngbao in Mandarin, the widespread belief in this custom has made a reliable supply of Chinese red envelopes and Chinese New Year envelopes hard to find in many cases. the different names of different regions make it difficult for Chinese red envelopes to be sealed in many cases Find, want to know where to find these special red envelopes? Instead of wasting your time visiting the stationery and shopping mall in your city, you can turn to the Internet. There is a site dedicated to red envelopes.

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