Meaning of Send "Red Envelopes" in China
  • 03 Mar 2017

Send a "red envelope" is a Chinese New Year a custom, Chinese love red, because the red symbol of vitality, pleasure and good luck.

Send red envelopes to the younger generation (according to the Chinese concept, married even if adult), is to express their wishes and good luck to them. The red bag of money, just to let the children happy, its main meaning is in red paper, because it symbolizes good luck. Therefore, in the distribution of red envelopes in front of the elders to open the red envelope, it is impolite practice.

Spring Festival New Year, the elders should be prepared in advance of New Year red envelope to the younger generation, it is said that New Year's money can suppress evil, because the "old" and "siren" homophonic, younger age can be lucky money can be safe and peaceful over one year old. There are two kinds of New Year's money, one is made of colored rope piercing dragon, placed in the foot of the foot, this record found in the "Yanjing old time"; the other is the most common, that is, by the parents wrapped in red paper Child's money. New Year's money can be rewarded in the evening after the New Year's Eve, but also in the New Year's Eve children fell asleep, by the parents cheated on the child's pillow.

People think that dividends old money to the children, when the devil demons or "years" to hurt the child, the children can use these money to bribe them and become fierce for the Kyrgyzstan. Qing Wu Man Yun "New Year's money" in the poem: "hundred money to wear color line length, points and then from the collection, to discuss the firecrackers on the price of Xiao, Tim Jiaer night busy." In view of this, lucky money tied to a child innocence, and the child's New Year's money is mainly used to buy firecrackers, toys and candy and other festive things.

Now the elders for the younger generation to send the practice of Chinese New Year Red Packets is still popular, the amount of money from the few decades to several hundred ranging from these New Year's money is more used by children to buy books and school supplies, the new fashion for the New Year's money to give new content.

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