How environmentally friendly could Apple Package be, starting from the box
  • 13 Nov 2017
In addition to products, we can hear the most talked about Apple at the press conference, than environmental protection. In fact, it is not really bragging. From 2015 onwards, Apple was Greenpeace as the world's most environmentally friendly technology companies, this year has been for three consecutive years so.

To know that in the era of Jobs, Greenpeace has also been listed in the black list of Apple, full of 10 points of the environmental rating it only 2.7 points. At that time even if Steve Jobs, also had to admit that the company did not enough.

Now Apple has completed the environmental image on the gorgeous reversal, by what is it?
According to its previously published white paper, the company's data center 100% of electricity, 96% of all global facilities electricity, are by solar energy, water and wind power. Not only that, it also helps suppliers to achieve the use of 4000 megawatts of renewable by 2020. Of course, put more of these things, as ordinary consumers, we may be difficult to have real sense. Even if the equipment material recycling, which is not visible. What can be a little more intuitive to feel Apple's efforts to environmental protection? It seems to look really or product packaging it. Not long ago Apple made a new white paper, that is, they used the paper package boxes.

To the iPhoneX era, Apple pay more attention to the material of mobile phone box than before. Official said that 100% of the box in the fiber if it is not from the renewable materials, bamboo, sugar cane residue, that is from the well-managed forest.Compared to iPhone6s, iPhoneX box production related to greenhouse gas emissions has been reduced by 56%. The data from Apple show that iPhoneX box total 183 grams of weight, 175 grams are the fiber material described above, only 8 grams of plastic film.

Apple not only uses recyclable package boxes paper, but also reduces or changes the packaging materials to more environmentally friendly materials. This most obvious change is the process of the box from the iPhone6s to iPhone7. iPhone6s box with two plastic tray, were used to place the iPhone and other accessories. To the iPhone7 era, the number of pallet reduced to one, while used to place two parts, which reduces the demand for materials. Taking into account the iPhone's annual sales are able to billions of dollars, which seems to add to the insignificant change is a huge change.

Not only that, Apple's team also found a new fiber-based material to make the tray, rather than the past, the plastic material. Various changes add up to the results are: iPhone6s era of mobile phone box plastic accounted for one-third of the total weight, and to the iPhone7 era, the entire box of plastic accounted for even one tenth of the total. At the same time, the amount of raw fiber is also reduced by about 40%, more replaced on the renewable fiber.

By the age of iPhone8, Apple was considering the use of fiber materials to replace the polypropylene-wrapped adapter material. However, as the fibers expand or contract as the humidity changes, more equipment is produced and shipped, meaning humidity control is almost impossible. Apple can only and suppliers, the development of fiber packaging to meet the technical requirements. This change is very small, almost not be noticed, but the challenge is great. Apple still said that iPhone demand is huge, so a small change can bring great effect.

Similarly, EarPods headsets used to be wrapped in plastic boxes, which have now been changed to cardboard plus glue designs. It sounds like the past will look taller, but with the efforts of the Apple design team, the headset tray now looks absolutely not bad.

Why Apple so hard to promote environmental protection, even in the iPhone box has done so much? It wrote in the white paper that although this is just one effort, there is still hope to have a greater impact, with positive impetus both inside and outside of Apple. Apple said it hopes its entire program will set an example for others, allowing more businesses to take responsibility, realizing they have an impact on global resource use and ultimately work together to protect the environment.
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