How do Chinese celebrate New Year's Eve and New Year's Day
  • 23 Jun 2017

1.Prepare for dinner

All Chinese people attach importance to New Year’s Eve dinner, so it is the most wonderful dinner in a year. Many dishes should prepare advance. If you plan to have a traditional reunion dinner with 8 or more courses, then you will need to start cooking the day before. Focus on the cold plate, need to be cured overnight, or do not have to cook immediately on the table. This is your last chance to make sure you have everything you need, in case the New Year's Eve morning takes a last minute shopping trip.

2.Stuff your red envelopes

You’ll have many opportunities to give and receive Chinese New Year red envelopes during Chinese New Year. Stop by the bank early to request crisp bills, make sure you have all the necessary denominations and even request money with auspicious serial numbers with lots of 8s.

3.Prepare your reunion dinner

If you have family arriving for a traditional reunion dinner later in the day, most of New Year’s Eve will be dedicated to cooking in the kitchen. The menu should be filled with lots of auspicious foods intended to shower wealth, luck and success on the family. The Chinese New Year celebration generally starts with this delicious multi-generational family meal in the evening.

4. Pass the time until midnight

Families pass the time between dinner and midnight in many different ways. Sometime the parents play mahjong and drink tea, while the kids dressed in new pajamas watch television and play games. These hours are a good opportunity to make dumplings, hang decorations or recount family stories.

5. Celebrate at midnight!

Welcome the new year (and wake your neighbors) by lighting firecrackers at midnight and opening all of your windows and doors. You’ll send off the old year, scare off evil spirits and welcome good luck into your home. At the stroke of midnight, the new year’s zodiac animal enters, takes its throne and bestows and renewed sense of hope.

6.Softly enter the new year

New Year’s Day is generally a quiet affair. People emerge quietly from their homes, dressed in new clothes and acting on their best behavior. No one works, cooks or cleans and foul language, negativity and unlucky words are avoided at all costs. Give Chinese New Year red envelopes, eat leftovers, greet neighbors with messages of good luck and remember that New Year’s Day sets the tone for the rest of the year.

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