History of Red Envelope
  • 19 Sep 2017

Red envelope is wrapped in money as a red envelope to send the packaging envelope, Cantonese said Lai see. The tradition of sending red envelopes was popular in a long time ago. But at that time people just to the meaning of auspicious bright red paper, wrapped in a note filled with words of blessing, to friends and family, to table mind.

Red envelopes have been in the Tang Dynasty, was made of hand-woven bag to do the "cover", only for the court and the official use of the people to the meaning of auspicious bright red paper, wrapped in a letter filled with blessing words, Friends, to table mind.

To about 300 years ago, people use a shape and square shape is similar to the red paper, wrapped in coins, sealed as "Lee City". The first generation of printing paper red envelopes, about 1900, when the printing began to be widely used, was able to come out. At that time the so-called red envelope, the practice is very simple, only red paper printed on butter, and then in the dry butter on the gold powder, the effect is as hot as the current red envelope, and the pattern is more simple, Accompanied by auspicious words.

In addition to the traditional red, there are golden envelopes, the above pattern is also a wide range, in addition to flat printing and bronzing printing auspicious patterns, zodiac pattern, there are three-dimensional laser printing and cartoon characters pattern.

As a result of the red envelopes in the demolition of red envelopes, they will often be red enveloped, wasted a lot of paper each year, so there are environmentalists put the red and then red envelopes. In addition to leaving the Spring Festival or when needed to seal red envelopes, but also can do some New Year ornaments, such as decorative fake firecrackers, fish-shaped or spherical straps and so on.

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